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Translation license CC0-1.0 librariesDirect librariesDirect Glossary
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2 days ago
Sinhala 2 days ago
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New strings to translate

librariesDirect / librariesDirectSinhala

New strings to translate 2 days ago
Resource update 2 days ago
%1$s by %2$s
%1$s van %2$s
6 days ago
A fork of %s
Een vork van %s
6 days ago
version %s
versie %s
6 days ago
translated to %s
vertaald naar %s
6 days ago
Follow on Mastodon
Volgen op Mastodon
6 days ago
The following libraries are in use to make this application work.
De volgende bibliotheken worden gebruikt om deze toepassing te laten werken.
6 days ago
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All strings are now using proper placeholders for an enhanced translation experience. I used existing translations to manually copy them to the new strings with the placeholders, so no work was lost.

Sorry for the inconvenience that odd design choices caused previously.

Explanatory texts were updated as well. I'll tag a new version some time in the future.

a month ago

Hi everyone,

I added new Strings for the upcoming 3.0 release of librariesDirect, now also known as aboutDirect. Screenshots and explanatory texts are included and hopefully helpful.

I'm sorry it is kind of a mess lacking placeholders and such, but it was by far easier to get a highlighting effect that way that also respects dark theme and so on.

I'll tag 3.0 on November 3rd. Contributions after that may still show up in various projects of mine (like usageDirect.

It really is just a handfull of strings. Thanks!

4 months ago
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